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A federation of crypto-native organizations collaborating toward a more vibrant, egalitarian, and resilient multi-chain economy.

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The Cosmos Builders Foundation is a non-profit organization, dedicated to supporting and scaling the Cosmos ecosystem through funding its public good software and infrastructure.

Our Mission

The Cosmos Builder Foundation raises funds from IBC connected chains which will then be redistributed to fund builders across the Cosmos ecosystem within two categories: IBC Infrastructure and Cosmos Stack.

IBC Infrastructure

Operating relayer infrastructure is costly and, to date, there is no revenue stream for IBC relayers. With the growth of the Cosmos ecosystem additional funding to support IBC Infrastructure is critical to operate and to further scale the increasing transaction volume of inter-connected chains.

The Cosmos Stack

The Cosmos Stack has become a fundamental framework for the creation of sovereign blockchains. As of today there are over 200 projects, securing over 150B worth of assets using Cosmos’ public good software: Tendermint, CosmosSDK, IBC, and CosmWasm.


The idea for Cosmos Builders Foundation was sparked from conversations among peers, entrepreneurs, software engineers, and designers with years of experience building and launching Cosmos chains, and contributing to the ecosystem’s core infrastructure.

cosmos builders foundation logo


cosmos builders foundation logo


If you are a representative of a chain and would like to contribute, please contact us for governance support from our fundraising team.
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If you are a builder and would like to apply for funding, please contact us with a description of the work you would like funding for.
cosmos builders foundation logo

Join Us

If you would like to join the team, please contact us to share your interests and accomplishments.
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